Anatomy Modelling Part 2

So this week I set myself the task of completing the geometry for my anatomy model. All that was left to do was the head which I knew would be the most difficult. My main concern was to understand the way the face is constructed and to then follow it with the topology, for someone that hasn’t done a whole lot of facial modelling I did find it a challenge but iv managed to muddle through and create something which I’m quite pleased with.

The most satisfying part of this project has been all the stuff I have learnt about the human body, more so than the model itself. The model is basically a result of the research and knowledge I have picked up from the internet, kind of like a result of various tests that I have experimented with. The most crucial part to the research was to learn how the eyes, nose and mouth can be animated and how to create good geometry that wont badly deform with the slightest hint of movement. The nose and the mouth are probably the hardest part to create as you need to get the cheek and frown lines extruded from the base of the nose and somehow connect them properly to the mouth. When done correctly it will result in some nice flowing geometry that will be perfect for animating.

Shown below are the work in progress of the face and the finished product with the head attached to the body.

I would say I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the project and can come away from it knowing that it was a success and a big learning curve for organic character modelling. I’m looking at taking it over to Mudbox now to add in some finer details and see how far I can push the geometry.

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