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Human facial and character modelling

I just wanted to quickly upload a couple of renders I have recently produced from another model of a face. This is still a work in progress and I am now taking it into mudbox to sculpt in the detail and try and get as much of a likeness as possible. So far I am happy […]

Stormtrooper Helmet

I just wanted to showcase my most recent completed model. This time I thought about combining my interest for hard surface modelling and characters and came up with a storm-trooper helmet. It felt quite fitting especially with the new film being released later this year.  It was quite a fiddly shape to manage which I […]

Anatomy Modelling Part 2

So this week I set myself the task of completing the geometry for my anatomy model. All that was left to do was the head which I knew would be the most difficult. My main concern was to understand the way the face is constructed and to then follow it with the topology, for someone […]

Anatomy Modelling

Since my last project that was posted on here (which is still a work in progress unfortunately) I have been fortunate to have been kept busy with my freelance work, leaving a lot less time to work on personal projects. It’s been great being able to work with clients and studios to achieve a vision, […]

A bit of a catch up

It has been quite a while since I published my last blog post and there has also been quite a few changes and updates. Not just in my work but life in general, I have been super busy trying to juggle life around working freelance and trying to help arrange a wedding, (Yes my own!) […]

Lighting and rendering

So today I thought I would try and figure out/teach/understand how to light and render properly. For this I went back to my Bugatti model as I still feel it is the most complete model I have and my Camaro still needs a bit more work. Anyway, I started out by reading up on lights, […]

Portrait digital painting

I have tried to teach myself some more digital painting after enjoying producing my last image. Its also nice to vary the work load as maya can become a bit frustrating after a while (for me anyway). This time I wanted to paint a person, its something I usually try and keep away from as […]

Hard Surface modelling

After working modelling a vehicle and also working on another digital painting (I’ll post it up soon) I thought I would try and model something quite technical and on a smaller scale. I have had this piston sitting on my shelf now for years and I keep looking at it wanting to model it but […]